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March/April 2019

Spring-Clean Your Finances

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Now is not only a good time to spring-clean your house, but to take care of financial matters you may have put off. Consider the following:

Get Your Act Together –
If you have receipts here, statements there and insurance documents who knows where, start your spring cleaning by organizing them and streamlining your recordkeeping. The accompanying article lists how long you should keep certain tax records, but you can also use it as a guide to reduce other financial records, including utility statements and most credit card receipts.

Document the Important Stuff –
This begins with a will so that your loved ones have direction when you can’t give it. Talk to an attorney to draw up a will and, while you’re at it, a healthcare proxy and powers of attorney.

Coordinate Your Insurance –
Consider putting all of your insurance documents in one place so that loved ones can find the information needed to make a claim. Include policy and contact information not only for individual life, health and property/casualty insurance, but also for any benefits you may buy through work, such as disability income insurance.

While you’re at it, talk with your insurance professional to make sure you’re covered appropriately and beneficiary designations are current.

Organize Your Investment Information –
Leave information about your various investments and retirement accounts in an accessible place for loved ones to find. Use technology to organize these documents. And work with a financial professional to help you stay on track with your investing goals.


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