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March/April 2020

Pay It Off or Invest?

Should you pay off your low-interest student loans first or make smaller payments and put the difference toward long-term goals, such as retirement?

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7 Last-Minute Tax Breaks

If you haven’t filed your 2019 federal tax return yet, the Internal Revenue Service o ers some reminders that may help reduce your income taxes for the year, but don’t forget to consult a tax advisor about your individual tax picture, too. Here is a sampling of tax breaks that may help you reduce your 2019 tax bill.

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Protect Yourself in Cyberspace

Data breaches continue to make news, putting millions of Americans’ financial information at risk. How can you help safeguard your vital financial information if you do business online?

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Fastest-Growing Occupations

Another way to make college cost-effective is to explore whether your student is working toward a degree in a growing or shrinking industry. Take a look at the projected growth to 2028 salaries and the 2018 median income, for these jobs:

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5 Ways to Cut College Costs

If you have a child who is a junior in high school, you may have road trips to explore colleges on your schedule in a few months. Before deciding on a school, explore ways you can cut increasingly expensive college costs.

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Money Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Life is nothing if not busy, so we often can't find the time we need to take care of financial tasks, whether big or small. Consider these ways to save time.

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Hitting Your Investing Target

If you lack the time to allocate your retirement plan assets on your own, target-date mutual funds* may be an option for you. Similar to age-based, lifecycle and target-risk funds, target-date funds are designed to follow an investing path that changes when risk tolerance and time horizons change.

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More or Less

How much life insurance should a person carry? The answer varies wildly, even among experts, but we know that “how much” changes as life changes. The important question to ask is, “How much insurance should you carry?” There are a variety of life circumstances that can influence your answer.

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Taking a Ride with Life

Do you know that life insurance offers a variety of options depending on the type of policy, just like when you’re buying a new car? As in a new car, these options, known as “riders” in insurance-speak, can make all the difference. Take a look at the following riders* (in alphabetical order) and talk to your insurance professional to see if any fit with your insurance needs:

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When Tradition Matters

If you’re still looking for a tax deduction on your 2019 tax return, you might  nd one by contributing to a traditional IRA. This action has a double benefit because you’ll put money away for your future, too. Here’s a look at the traditional IRA, to which you can make taxdeferred contributions for tax year 2019 up to your tax-filing deadline if you qualify by income.

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Reviving Your Retirement Strategy

Few people would argue about the wisdom of putting money away for retirement, yet many of us either don’t start, take time out from contributing or abandon this strategy altogether when financial obstacles hit. But most people can revive their retirement savings strategy at almost any age by making a few changes in how they deal with money.

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Rules for Telecommuting

Telecommuting, both for company employees and for the increasing number of full-time gig workers, is becoming the norm and not the exception. If you own a business, how you deal with the day-to-day implications of this new normal, not to mention its financial aspects, can make a world of di erence in making telecommuting successful.

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Disability Protection for Your Business

You may be aware that disability income insurance can protect your employees’ ability to earn an income should a long-term disability keep them from work. But do you know there is also a type of insurance that may protect a business  nancially in the same circumstances?

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