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March/April 2024

The Benefits of Financial and Tax Strategies

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A well-coordinated financial strategy encompasses more than just your investments. It considers every aspect of your finances, from budgeting to retirement saving, to ensure you’re making decisions that can help you reach all your goals.

The Big Picture
A successful strategy should provide a complete view of all your finances. By knowing how much savings you have accrued and the debts you owe, you can come up with a roadmap for spending, saving and investing. Identifying your short- and long-term goals is a good place to start. Paying off debt might be a short-term goal, while saving for retirement generally is a long-term goal that could be years in the future. Setting aside money for a child’s education might be a mid-term goal.

Work Toward Your Goals
A cornerstone of your strategy should be the probability of reaching all the milestones you’ve identified. You and your financial professional choose a target asset allocation based on your goals, time frame and risk tolerance. Whether you’re an aggressive or a conservative investor, it’s essential to periodically check your progress toward your goals and adjust your strategy as needed.

Your Retirement Picture
What you want to do in retirement can be a factor in how much savings you’ll need to accumulate. If you plan to travel, relocate or even start your own business, you’ll need to have sufficient funds for those endeavors. Your financial professional can help you estimate your future financial needs and build the wealth you’ll need to meet them.

Market Ups and Downs
Periods of market volatility and high inflation can affect your investments’ performance over the short term. Investors may panic and sell investments when values are down. Historically, markets have always recovered their losses. Your financial professional can help you make investment decisions that aren’t driven by short-term market fluctuations.

Help with Taxes
Taxes can impact your finances both before and during retirement. A tax professional can help you create a tax-efficient estate plan, advise you on charitable donations and explain any tax breaks and deductions that are available to you.


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