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November/December 2020

Safe Deposit Box Tips

Safe deposit boxes are one way to keep valuable documents and other items safe offsite.

Here are some items you might consider keeping in your safe deposit box:

  • Deed and title documents

  • Paper stock and bond certificates

  • Vaccination records

  • Birth and adoption certificates

  • Marriage and death certificates

  • DD-214s and other military records

  • Precious metals

  • Social Security cards

What not to keep in a safe deposit box:

  • Original copy of your will

  • Cash (no FDIC protection)

  • Advance directive and power of attorney documents

  • Drugs

  • Firearms and ammunition

  • Hazardous chemicals

Even though safe deposit boxes are usually in banks, the FDIC does not insure the contents. You may be able to purchase insurance separate, or add the items to your homeowners insurance policy.


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