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July/August 2022

Navigating Life's Changes

Navigating Lifes Changes

Change can be stressful, even when it’s something you’ve planned for, such as getting married or starting a family. But when a sudden life change that you didn’t anticipate ramps up the stress meter, taking a step back and assessing your situation can help you determine the best way forward.

Job Insecurity
Whether due to company downsizing or a business closing its doors, losing your job can be one of life's most demoralizing events. You no longer have a steady income, and your workplace identity doesn't exist anymore. Take a moment to catch your breath and review your options. If you received a severance package, you'll probably have some financial breathing room. Consider reaching out to business or personal contacts in your field. Even if nothing comes of it immedidately, having colleagues know you're available could bear fruit in the future.

Loss of a Spouse
Loss of a spouse due to divorce or unexpected death can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. It's not uncommon for a divorced or widowed spouse to make hasty decisions that he or she may regret later. Avoid making major changes until you've taken time to assess your financial situation. Then proceed cautiously and with professional help.

A Cash Reserve
You don't need a current emergency to start saving for one. The time to save for unanticipated expenses is long before you'll ever need the money. Savings in an emergency fund can cover your expenses if you experience a sudden unexpected loss of income. Your goal should be to save at least six months' worth of living expenses in an account that you can access easily without paying a penalty.

Don't Go It Alone
In the event of job loss or another unexpected life change, you might need to adjust your budget and financial goals to reflect your new circumstances. Your financial professional can help you plan for a future that doesn't look the way you thought it would. Reaching out as soon as you're able can lift some of the weight off your shoulders while you're getting your life back on track.


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