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November/December 2017

Your asset mix - bring it back in line

Market fluctuations and investment performance can change the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash alternative investments in your portfolio, exposing you to more or less risk than you intended. Rebalancing can bring your asset mix back to your original allocation or in line with your current thinking.

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Life insurance for the post-working life

Even after you retire, life insurance coverage can still be an important part of your financial plan. Not only can life insurance provide a financial safety net for a surviving spouse, but it can also help you leave a financial legacy for your children.

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A smart use for business dollars

As a business owner, you may want to investigate strategies that ensure that your business will continue to provide for you financially. Options that may be worth considering include setting up a retirement plan and creating a succession plan with a funding mechanism for transferring your business upon your death.

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Team up for retirement savings

You and your spouse may have different potential sources of retirement income. That's why it's important to share information about your retirement accounts and coordinate your investment strategies.

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Trimming your holiday spending

Taking steps to keep your spending in check during the holidays can mean fewer bills in the new year.

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Make it automatic!

Retirement isnt the only goal that you can save for through automatic payroll deduction. Arranging to have funds from your paycheck deposited directly into a savings account can help you accumulate money for a variety of goals.

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Fight refund fraud

Tax refund fraud has become a major concern for taxpayers. Protect your refund from identity thieves with these suggestions.

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Finding the right fit

Is your high school student looking for just the right college? Narrow the choices by considering things such as reputation, cost, location, and atmosphere in your search.

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Let's talk investing Q&A

November/December 2017 Investing Q & A

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Let's talk business Q&A

November/December 2017 Business Q & A

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Let's talk retirement Q&A

November/December 2017 Retirement Q & A

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Let's talk insurance Q&A

November/December 2017 Insurance Q & A

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