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January/February 2019

Time to Tweak Your Portfolio

Are you starting another New Year the same old way as last year? Are you happy with how your investments are performing? Do you know what your investment returns are, or are they on auto pilot? This may be the perfect time to take a fresh look at your holdings and fine-tune where necessary.

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Financial Fitness: Challenge Yourself

This New Year, legions of people will pledge to overhaul their lives by eating right, exercising regularly, learning new job skills and more. What you don’t hear a lot about are people who make the ultimate New Year’s resolution — to organize every aspect of their financial lives.

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Major 2018 Tax Changes

As the New Year begins, tax filing time beckons. This year brings new federal tax regulations, so you’ll want to know what deductions and credits are available to you. Consider these tax features:

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Debt Can Hurt Your Retirement

How much debt is too much?

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7 Ways to Find More Money to Budget

Ever wish you could find extra money to put toward your child’s college expenses or your own retirement? Maybe you would like to take a bucket list vacation or buy a larger home. Whatever your financial goals, finding the money to help pursue them can be challenging, but not impossible. Here are some ways to find more money:

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Money Market Funds 101

In an investing world that is often exciting and fast-paced, money market funds rarely elicit the same thrill. They can, however, provide a calming element to your portfolio. Here’s what you should know about them.

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Is your Business Tax-Efficient?

As business owners turn part of their attention toward paying taxes, it pays to also examine ways to become more tax-efficient, particularly in light of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Here are a few features you might want to discuss with your tax and financial professionals.

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Revisiting Your Business Plan

If you’re an experienced business owner, you may think a business plan is something you need only when starting out. The truth is that an updated plan can help business grow and your employees thrive. Here’s how to handle an updated business plan.

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When Safe May Be Risky

When nearing retirement, you may want to preserve your retirement savings through investments* that are typically considered less risky, such as bond and money market mutual funds.** Investment risk, however, may not be the only risk your retirement accounts face. The following two major financial issues affect everyone, especially in retirement.

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Beyond Scary Headlines

If you read or hear dire predictions about how underfunded Medicare and Social Security are, you would think retirees will soon be in desperate financial shape. The truth is these programs have served retirees for years, and will likely continue to do so in the future. But the reality is that these programs cannot fully fund your retirement so it’s up to you to help ensure your own retirement security by taking common sense steps today to prepare for tomorrow.

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Check Your Insurance

It’s the New Year and, if you’re like many people, you may look at various areas of your life to see where there is room for improvement. One area many people don’t explore is their insurance. Are you and your family covered? Consider this three-pronged approach to insurance.

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Cut Funeral Costs by Planning Ahead

Shopping for the best deal on funeral services is the last thing anyone wants to do when grieving. That’s why you may want to spare loved ones this task by planning ahead, saving potentially thousands of dollars in the process.

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