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September/October 2019

Managing Market Volatility

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It seems like any piece of news can either rattle or encourage stock markets these days, propelling stock prices to rapidly decrease or increase and giving some investors heartburn as they worry and watch. If you are a long-term investor, you typically don’t need to fret about short-term volatility. But if you can’t help worrying or you have a shorter investment timeframe, consider the following tips to help ease your concerns.

Time is Plentiful
If you are years away from your goals, time is on your side. If you are one of those investors who can’t stop worrying over market performance, take comfort knowing market volatility is quite common. You may find that most downturns are usually short relative to your investing timeframe and you have the ability to ride out short-term declines.

Regardless of timeframe, never invest in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. While markets ebb and flow, individual securities and those of smaller industries can decline and never return to their former glory, leaving investors with permanent losses. Work with your financial professional to ensure you have a mix of investments that helps compensate for the poor performance of a few.

Time is Short
Stories abound of investors nearing retirement who were invested too aggressively during the last recession and needed to continue working to make up for their losses. If you expect to begin taking distributions from your investment accounts soon, you may want to have a more conservative portfolio mix that provides both the security and hedge against inflation you may need.

A more conservative approach may potentially limit losses, as can spreading your risk by diversifying* among and within asset classes. Diversify by asset class by spreading your investment dollars among stock, fixed income and money market asset classes. Diversify within an asset class, for example, by choosing large-cap and small stocks and domestic and international equities.

*Diversification cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses. Past performance won’t guarantee future results. An investment in stocks or mutual funds can result in a loss of principal.

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