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January/February 2020

2020 Investing Vision

No one can predict how investments will perform, but a disciplined investing approach combined with the appropriate strategy may help you avoid some of the extreme highs and lows of the stock market. As the New Year begins, you may want to consider the following:

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Measuring Up

How do you compare a mutual fund’s* performance to its peers’? A mutual fund company may compare a fund to a benchmark whose makeup, ideally, bears the closest resemblance to the fund. A fund’s mix of investments by company size and its primary sectors, investing style and geography are among the pertinent factors needed to choose an appropriate benchmark.

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Check How Much You're Withholding

The start of a new year is a good time to make sure you have the right amount of money withheld from your paycheck. You may want to withhold less if you consistently receive refund checks or more if you have untaxed gig or other income. Marriage, pay raises and new deductions could also warrant a change.

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Ways to Help Minimize Your Taxes

Don’t forget the obvious when looking for tax deductions and credits. If you were married last year or became a new parent, you’ll find increased deductions and potentially new credits. If you don’t itemize on your tax return, the standard deduction for joint filers in 2019 is $24,400; it’s half that for a single tax filer.

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Smart Money Moves for the New Year

New Year, new leaf? If you’re serious about taking charge of your financial life this year, consider these steps:

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What is the AMT?

While the most recent changes to federal income tax regulations reduced the number of people who must pay the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), the tax is sizabe if you're the one paying it.

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6 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Home

Owning a home remains part of the American Dream, but doing so requires a strategy and discipline. If you’re looking to buy your first home, answer the following questions to help ensure you do everything you can to make this experience a success.

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How to Save for a Down Payment

A home for many Americans is the largest purchase and continuing expense, and the down payment for one can be a big chunk of change. If you’re buying your first home, you may shift your savings efforts into another gear by following these steps:

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Two-for-One Life Insurance

Today’s life insurance policies generally can do much more than policies of years ago. For example, joint life insurance is one of those twists on this important coverage that may not be familiar, but it may be appropriate for some families and business owners.

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Financially Smart Divorce

No one gets married planning to get a divorce, but it happens often. If you are in the midst of a divorce, you may understandably be concerned about the most obvious issues, including child custody and possession of the family home. But there can be less apparent concerns as well.

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Contributing Now Matters!

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Check Out the Roth IRA

If you don’t qualify for a tax-deferred traditional IRA because your income is too high or if you would rather not bet on federal income taxes being low in the future, when distributions would be taxed, you might want to look at a Roth IRA to help with your retirement strategy.

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One Person, One Plan

Make contributing to a company retirement plan a New Year’s resolution, even if you are the company. Today’s retirement plan options offer choice, flexibility and ease of use, while they typically feature tax-deferred contributions and potential growth, and increased contribution limits for participants age 50 and older. Here is a look at three of these plans with contribution limits:*

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Insuring Your Business

If you read this newsletter regularly, you know that we talk about how life insurance can help fund various business agreements and fill out an attractive employee benefits menu. Life, health and disability income insurance play prominent roles, but as a business owner you likely need to insure your company in a number of other ways. These are some ways businesses protect their financial investment:

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